Keep Your Water Nice and Hot

Ask about our water heater repair or installation services in Beaumont, Orange & Port Arthur, TX

Does the hot water in your shower only last for a few minutes? Is your water heater making strange sounds? Sounds like it's time to call a plumber. First-Choice Plumbing LLC offers water heater repair services to residents of Beaumont, Orange & Port Arthur, TX and the surrounding areas.

If your water heater is beyond repair, our water heater installers can replace it. We install quality water heaters from State and Rheem.

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Recognize common water heater problems

Hopefully, your water heater will remain in good condition so you don't have to pay for water heater repair services often. But just like other appliances, water heaters eventually wear out and require attention. Here are a few common water heater problems and ways that our team can fix them:

Sediment build-up - we'll flush out your water heater to remove built-up minerals
Defective pressure relief valve - we can repair or replace your pressure valve
Leaks - we will tighten hardware connections or replace valves to stop leaks

If your water heater isn't working properly, contact our plumbing experts now. Our water heater installers can repair or replace your water heater in no time.