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Have you noticed a spike in your water bills when you haven’t hosted guests or done anything out of the ordinary to increase water consumption? If so, you might be experiencing an unseen water leak. Contact First-Choice Plumbing LLC, we offer fast and efficient services.
As soon as you spot the signs of a leak, chances are your home could already be undergoing serious damage. We do not recommend that you wait. Get in touch with our plumbing team in order to prevent costly damage to your home. Our plumbers use the right tools to accurately pinpoint any leak within a plumbing system. Leak detection is no longer an art but a process of elimination. Our top-quality, experienced, and well respected plumbers all go through extensive training to handle any plumbing issue and get your plumbing problems solved for good. If you are looking for local plumbers to repair leaks in your home or business, give First-Choice Plumbing LLC a call at 409-842-0997 for a free estimate.

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At First-Choice Plumbing LLC, our team is made of highly-trained and experienced professionals in leak detection. We use advanced leak detection equipment and methods to accurately locate and repair hidden leaks. Through various detection methods, we can identify pesky leaks and help you solve the problem as soon as possible. No water leak is too small or too large for us to track and take care of. We use high-quality plumbing materials and equipment for all of our leak detection services; this ensures that we deliver top-notch plumbing services. Trust us for your water leak detection services.

3 Common Signs of Water Leak

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If you suspect a water leak, call First-Choice Plumbing LLC for comprehensive water leak detection. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can bet won’t be frustrated for too long. We’re available 24/7 for any plumbing emergencies; contact us today at 409-842-0997. We are nearby and ready to help.
Here are six common signs that your water heater is going bad:
What does it mean when the water heater fails to produce hot water?
If you aren’t getting hot water from your water heater, it’s possible that the circuit breaker tripped or a fuse blew. If that isn’t the case, the heating element may have burned out and needs to be replaced.
What is the difference between a gas and an electric water heater?
The main difference is the source of the heat. An electric water heater uses heating elements that are powered by electricity, whereas a gas water heater uses a burner that is powered by gas.

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First-Choice Plumbing LLC is your go-to water heater company in Beaumont, TX and surrounding areas. We take pride in servicing our area. If you need fast and reliable water heater services, don’t hesitate to contact us today and set up an appointment at 409-842-0997 to schedule a service.




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